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Ringgold High School Alumni

Mark Connell
Year: (1982)

Updated: 12/9/2011
Last Visit: 8/26/2017

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Atlanta, GA  

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Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
I went to the University of Georgia for undergrad (Economics) and Georgia State for grad school (Information Systems), got married, and started a family. I also built and run this site just to keep busy.
My family:
Ive been married to Jessica for 18 years and I have two wonderful children. My parents are doing well and still living in the same house.
Life experiences:
Watching my kids grow up is a big thrill. Having a terrific wife and family makes it all worthwhile. Ive also been lucky enough to get to travel to many places including Alaska (4 times), London, Guam, Hawaii, Mexico, the Bahamas, US and British Virgin Islands, and most of the major cities in the US. I still like the south the best. Ive also been able to be involved with some interesting companies and projects and Ive gotten a good view of what goes on behind the scenes. Its been quite a roller coaster ride but that is what makes it fun. It also makes for good stories.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Baseball, Basketball, and hanging around with friends.
My favorite things now:
Family, technology, and my kid's activities. My kids have been involved in baseball, basketball, football and chess. Jake has been playing Lacrosse lately and Maddie has been doing Equestrian.
My favorite books, movies and music:
Movies: The Prestige, The Matrix, The Usual Suspects, Groundhog Day, The Godfather trilogy. Music: I like a little bit of everything. Books: Mostly nonfiction business or technology
I work at:
I have my own company, NewSouth Interactive
My website:

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