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Ringgold High School Alumni

Michael Mitchell
Year: (1975)

Updated: 11/1/2011
Last Visit: 11/4/2011

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1225 North Rd. 65
Niles, OH  44446
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Things I've been doing lately:
college, traveling and work, work and more work. Moved to Ohio in Feb. 2009 after living in Atlanta since 1984, got a job with one of the big telecommunication companies but you can usually find me in Cleveland, OH on the weekends. Currently working on relaunching my internet radio station.
My family:
Divorced. My dad died in 1995 from a heart attack and my mom died on my birthday in 2005. My brother Scott and his wife moved to OH in 2007 after living in the house we grew up in for all these years then moved to Nashville in November, 2011. My brother Martin died in 1989 and my brother Steve lives in the Seattle, WA area.
Life experiences:
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Music, cars and anything having to do with electronics
My favorite things now:
Computers, electronics, music, my pets. My party days are over now and I love spending time with friends, cooking out, hiking, surfing the internet, playing with my two cats and visiting GA when I can.
My favorite books, movies and music:
Oldies (60's on 6, 70's on 7 and 80's on 8) Top 40 (20 on 20, Pop2K, BBC Radio 1) Dance (BPM and Electric Area) Disco (There's no place like Chrome LOL) WMJI (Majic 105.7) & WBBG (Big 106.1) on the weekends when they play The old American Top 40 countdowns some country Too many movies and books to mention here.
I work at:
After 12 1/2 yrs. my job was eliminated on 11/7/08
My website:

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