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Ringgold High School Alumni

Jason Cook
Year: (1994)

Updated: 2/2/2014
Last Visit: 2/2/2014

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102 n. Barton St.
Ringgold, GA  30736
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Things I've been doing lately:
I went to Rosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation for 2 weeks from november 29 December 9th 1994 and then I started working for Habitat International Inc. January 1995January 2003 and I am Now back there in Ooltewah,TN. and I quit there again.But,Creative Consulting Services is going to evaluate me to get me services somewhere to help me find a job.Now Im at Cross Plains they said I was the fastest worker there.I work with them at Mohawk,Heritage Park and Volunteer with them at Tennessee Aquarium,Ronald Mcdonald House,Riverbend Festival and write the S.E. Newsletter and lead the S.E. Peer Meetings and go to Training Conferences with them.
My family:
I still live with my parents and my dad Retired from the Chattanooga Times Free Press in 2004 & then He was Diagnosed with Cancer in 2008 & Died on 12/25/10 on Chrstmas Day & My Mom will Retire in 2013 and my brother graduated from U.G.A. in 2001 & Now Works there with computers at U.G.A.he got Married to Amanda Auchanpach on 12/30/10 in Dahlonega,GA & they Live in Athens,GA & they're 1st Baby Girl Ella Jane Cook was Born on 1/31/14 at their House! So I Am Now A Uncle!
Life experiences:
Going to Warm Spring's & Orange Grove & Working at Habitat International Inc.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
the yclub,Church Youth Group,and Christian Rock and Christian Rap music,Heather Beason and Her Friends,Students Staying Straight,Mary Randles my ade,Buying Cokes out of the Machine with my Tiger Express Card,The Football Games & the Dances,Newsong Concerts.
My favorite things now:
Contemparary Christian music, Classic Christian & Country Concerts,Church,Parties,Hanging out with my friends from CrossPlains.
My favorite books, movies and music:
J103,J-fest,Christian Music Night at Riverbend Festival & JRadio Christian Classics,Carman,the Champion,,Sammy Ward,Apologetix,Facing the Giants,Cheaper by the Dozen Part 1 & 2,The Blind Side,Water Boy.
I work at:
Crossplains Community Partner
My website:

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