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Ringgold High School Alumni

Jan Paige
Year: (1977)

Updated: 1/6/2010
Last Visit: 1/26/2010

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193 Deaver Street
Asheville, NC  28806
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Things I've been doing lately:
Searching for elusive youth. Lived in Atlanta in the early 80s and have lived in Asheville ever since.I would love to hear from Ringgold alum who are planning to visit Asheville, especially those who attended Graysville Elementary or played softball at Boynton when my dad was coach , or were in my moms Girl Scout or Brownie troops.
My family:
Single, no children, lot o cats and a dog. One cat has no tail, but is sometimes fooled. Dog has tail wags, growls, barks.
Life experiences:
Berea College was great. But, I believe my greatest life experience is, as then, appreciating each new day.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
I think it was English and Math class. Loved Home Ec. ??? Who erased my name off of the sign up list??? RHS Ecology Club!!! What was going on behind the building?
My favorite things now:
Visiting family and friends staying at home exploring my own mind inviting friends in. I love preparing and eating good food and hosting the event.
My favorite books, movies and music:
Ive always loved the suspense stuff, including Stephen King (The Girl Who loved Tom Gordon), Dean Koontz. One of my favorite movies is "Stand By Me" and "O Brother...
I work at:
Great Eastern Sun. Other than that, my own boss.
My website:

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