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Beverly Brannon (Beaty)
Year: (1979)

Updated: 1/31/2009
Last Visit: 2/27/2009

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447 Prater Road
Rossville, GA  30741
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Things I've been doing lately:
I have been married to Steve Beaty since 1981. I occasionally talk to my 2 best friends from school, Suzette Body Grissom, she lives in Alabama and Gayle Bayne Baldwin. I see her at ballgames when LFO and Ridgeland play.
My family:
My husband graduated from Rossville High in 1978. I have two great kids, Kimberly graduated from Ridgeland in 2002, she graduated 7th in the class of 2002 and has been a cheerleader since 7th grade. (unlike her mother she is somewhat popular, she has been on the homecoming court since 10th grade and was elected prom queen in 2002,and she was also voted Best All Around for senior superlatives, people say we look alike, its not true) My other daughter Kristin is 19 and has been in the gifted class since 1st grade, she graduate from Ridgeland 10th in her class in may 2006. She plans to go to Kennesaw for college. She has also cheered since 7th grade (she chose to quit cheering her senior year) and is in the national honor society and vice president of Beta Club and was votest Most Courteous by the senior class for class night. Im just updating this part. My oldest daughter got married October 2008, she is now 25 and my other daughter will be 21 on February 26, 2009. I miss having both of my little girls. When Kristin marries she better have a room for me. It is really hard to let your kids go.
Life experiences:
This isnt really a great life experience, but I have been a substitute teacher since 1996, mostly at Ridgeland High, 2002 will be my last year, its hard to work 2 jobs, plus im not mean enough to be a sub, although I did enjoy having my daughter in classes and following her around at lunch. She really didnt mind it, she still hugged me and kissed me bye in front of all her friends. The best things in my life are my kids. As you can tell they are everything I wasn't in high school. Raising these 2 girls are my greatest accomplishment. My worst life experiences were my father dying April 13, 2002,my really good friend Janet Green, died at 47 from diabetes complications in Dec. 2005 then 6 weeks later my best friends daughter was shot 5 times and murdered by her husband Jan 16 2006. Those things were hard to deal with and i still think about them all the time.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Getting Mr. Maddox to write me and Suzette a note to leave school and get something for his science class and going out to eat for lunch while we were gone. Being in Mr. Turners graphics art class, I actually had a job doing typesetting and layout. But I quit the day my daughter Kristin was born. Didnt you just love the 1 piece blue and white striped gym outfits we had to wear. My kids got a laugh out of that one. Those things were hideous. It was also funny when we went to Gatlinburg with Mrs. Henderson and Suzette, Gayle, and I let Earl Paige in our room and while he was there Mrs. Henderson knocked on our door and Earl had to hide behind the bed.
My favorite things now:
Watching my kids cheer have kept me pretty busy. Other than that, I sleep and work.
My favorite books, movies and music:
Gone With The Wind and Moulin Rouge and Grease are my favorite movies. I usually listen to the oldies on the radio. I used to read a lot before I started working, now I dont have time.
I work at:
United States Postal Service,
My website:

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