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Rob Jenkins
Year: (1979)

Updated: 3/12/2009
Last Visit: 4/28/2009

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I went to college at West Georgia (after a year at Covenant), then to grad school at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I've been a college English professor, basketball coach, and administrator since 1987 at several different schools. I enjoyed coaching but got out of it in 1999 to spend more time with my family. I'm currently an associate professor of English and director of The Writers Institute at Georgia Perimeter College in Clarkston, outside Atlanta. I write a regular feature on two-year college issues in The Chronicle of Higher Education and also write a weekly Lifestyles column for a local paper, the Gwinnett Daily Post, which is occasionally picked up by other papers in the state. You can read the latest installment each Sunday and Monday at www.gwinnettdailyonline.com or look for past columns in the archives, keyword "Rob Jenkins."
My family:
I've been happily married to the former Bonnie Borg of Marietta since 1983. (We met at West Georgia.) We have four children: Jennifer (born 1987), Robert (1989), Michael (1994) and Nathan (1997). UPDATE (09.26.07): Jenny is now a senior at BYU-Idaho, majoring in communication. Robbie is a sophomore at BYU-Provo studying industrial design. Mike and Nate are in the seventh and fourth grades, respectively. UPDATE (07.15.08): As of June 21, Jenny is now Mrs. Jennifer Steinmetz. She graduated from college back in April with a degree in communication and now works as director of public relations for Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg, ID. Her husband Ben will be finishing up this year at BYU-I, then they'll be heading off to graduate school somewhere, where he plans to pursue a doctorate in pharmaceutical research. Robbie (19) is leaving August 20 to serve a two-year Church mission in the Phillipines. He just finished his first full year in the industrial design program at BYU. Mike (13) will be in the eighth grade and Nate (10) in the fifth. It's all going too quickly. Also: Bonnie and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on June 11. That went quickly, too.
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Georgia Perimeter College
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