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Halloween at the Old Haunted Depot
By: Scott Womack
I seem to remember that a bunch of us used to work at the haunted depot for halloween, well one halloween sticks out in paticular, it was on a thursday night and we were getting ready to open to the public, I was working in the old hangmans part as the one being hung, and somehow, someway the harness that held me malfunctioned and nearly gave me a sex change lol, it wasn't funny at the time but looking back now it was. Also that same night after that happened, I remember Billie Owens daring me to chase Laura Eaker through the depot like a madman and I did it, poor Laura was scared to death (Sorry Laura) so anyhow everyone started chasing me cause they acctually thought I was going to hurt her, I was swinging an axe at her I think, but anyhow we all laughed about it afterwards and the people that were there for the tour of the depot thought it was all apart of the show! Laura was a good friend and I hope it didn't scar her for life lol lmao :) Geeeeze some of the stupid things we did when we were younger lol.