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Doin' Donuts on the Band practice Field
By: Steve Schumacher
I remember the time that the band director, Mr. Monroe, put me in charge of mowing the practice field once during my sophomore year (I guess I was a band-aide). He also had David Petty and Kelly Roach go with me, We got to the field and Kelly went to get a tan on the tower and David and I took turns between mowing the field and doing donuts on the field in Mr. Monroe's truck! It was fun and all until either David or I ran over one of the spikes in the field and punctured one of the tires! At the time, I was the only one with a licence, so I had to take the heat for it! Band practice that day after school was a tad bit awkward, to say the least! I remember when he called roll for practice and when he got to my name, he stopped and said really loud, "And we all know that Steve Schumacher is here!" Too funny! Sorry Mr. Monroe!