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Atwood... an excellent pumpkin spelunker...
By: Jimmy Marr
I heard some commotion out in the stairwell at the back of the band room (the one that led up to the gym above) one day and went to check it out. Atwood had appropriated a fresh pumpkin from the pickup of one of the coaches and had climbed up the stairs in anticipation of dropping it down the 3 flights to the floor below. Everyone knew what was going to happen and nobody could control their laughter even before the big drop. As Atwood let it fly, coach came out to see what all the ruckus was about only to see a pumpkin... his pumpkin... come flying down right in front of his face, busting into a bazillion pieces right at his feet. All of us waiting at the "impact zone" were in total shock, too scared to laugh, run, or do anything else, while an evil laughter bellowed out from above. Coach looked up the stairwell and said "Ha Ha, real funny". "Let's go". I think Mike Scott was also up there with Atwood, but the rest of us scattered, not unlike coach's pumpkin, to avoid prosecution. All in all, an awesome display of spelunking.