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Two Lisa's and a corvette
By: Lisa Bradley
The night of our senior class party, Lisa Drew and I decided to go riding in Lisa's dad's corvette. Well, anyone that knows Lisa Drew and me, knows that Lisa D just loved to flirt. I was just minding my own business (because I was so INNOCENT)and SHE was flirting with these two guys and they decided to follow us so, we decided to lose them. Lisa was driving up and down Davis Ridge Rd with no lights on. How she saw where we were going I will never know. She may have had her eyes closed for all I know. MINE WERE! It scared me so bad, I wouldn't ride with her in the dark for a couple of weeks. Now that I look back on it, it was a pretty crazy scene. Lisa, how did we make it out of the messes we got ourselves into? There are alot more stories about the two Lisa's and a corvette but I refuse to incriminate myself.