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the fight in MR CLARKS office
By: Cathy Hinds
Darlene G. followed me to Ms.McNishes class and I turned to see where she was because i knew she was following me I turned around and she punched me in the eye I grabbed hold of her and whipped her butt for doing that to me, the next day she met me in the cafeteria and told me she was going to fight me again and i said let me take my jacket off and as I got my jacket half way off she hit me so i threw my jacket off got her in the floor and whipped her again and i wouldn't stop but a coach grabbed her and 2 grabbed me one on each arm and were walking us to the office and i got close enough to her back i braced myself on the coaches arms and karate kicked her in the back.The coaches made us sit on different sides of the office in chairs and shut the door HUGE MISTAKE Darlene mouthed off and got up to hit me so i got her again and i had her laying back on his desk and she tried to get up and papers were flying everywhere we just wouldn't stop fighting and when Mr.Clark hobbled in there on crutches I wish i had a camera aahhahahaha!~ he couldn't believe his eyes I thought it was so funny but didn't dare laugh he didn't spank us but he wanted us out of that office and told us if we fought anymore that we'd both go to jail I don't recall ever being put back in that office for anymore fights I think he was glad the day I quit school aahahahaha. I did graduate from Chattanooga States GED class after taking it the 2 years I took classes there and the fun part was working hard all week and dropping my homework off at the teachers desk and leaving to volunteer working as a dj LISA RAMONE was my on air name and I was told I had a better voice on air than any other dj in georgia or Tennessee. R.I.P. my dear friend Bob Riley I totally enjoyed learning so much at your radio station.