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A fight to remember
By: Jason Trew
This is the school, Ringgold High School, a school that is pretty normal with a bunch of good students and teachers, if one of them gets into trouble they will see me.....my name is Trew, I carry a badge. It was a nice day with cool weather and the next few days of the 1994-1995 school year would be trouble. (the teacher and principal mentioned is true, the student's names have been changed to protect the innocent)

It was my sophomore year and RHS was getting rid of automotive class with Mark Talley as the teacher, a few days ago there was a fight between 2 students in the the first room past the media center (I was in the classroom when it happened) and John Sneed started fighting with Casey Meyer and they were sent to Mr. Clark's office.

A few days later, I was in auto shop class in the small office watching student Robert Butler play a computer game on there when I heard and saw John Sneed say "I'll kick your @$$" to Bobby Rocker and they both started fighting until John was sent back to Mr. Clark (this student that started the fight was the same one I had in the upstairs fight) and when he saw Bobby again, they started the fight again and it was stopped and Bobby was sent to Mr. Clark's office.

After telling SRO Donnie Moore about what happened in auto shop, I was sworn in as Ringgold High School's student officer with the rank of Sgt. and the badge number 2018 which lasted until 5-31-1997 when I graduated from RHS, I still have the uniform and might give it to my old school just to remember me by.

Sgt. Jason Trew
Ringgold High School Security