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RHS student goes out with a BANG
By: Jason Trew
I was my final year at RHS, I was thinking about what to get for clothes and asked my parents to take me to Lexington, KY, to get some clothes and other things I need for the final year. I told them I wanted to go to Galls and showed them where it was and I ended up buying everything I needed for the 1996-1997 school year except for the badge, after finding out I needed the badge it was a quick call to 1-800-477-7766 and told them I needed a badge with the rank of Sergeant Ringgold High School Security and the 2018 on the bottom pannel with the GA state seal in the middle.

I only wore the school uniform 3 days and regular clothes the rest until a teacher said "Sarge, why don't you wear the uniform 2 days a week?" I replied with "Talk to Mr. Looney about that" I retired the Ringgld High School Security uniform on 6/1/1997 when I graduated and I only took it out 3 times since then: Halloween 2006, RHS 10 year reunion, and Halloween 2007.

It was fun to be the only student ever at Ringgold High School ever to wear a police uniform, even though I earned the nickname "Trooper Trew" since I almost looked like a Georgia State Trooper.

Sgt. Jason Trew
Ringgold High School Security