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Ringgold High School - Stories

By: Beverly Diane Gentry
Picture this it was December 1961 I was a freshman and had met a lot of new friends, just starting high school and among people that I didn't know we had just moved here from Chattanooga or I should say East Ridge because I was in the 8 th grade there! I was worried about making new friends but I did, there were several very good friends that I soon relized were not like the other schools I went to! Well, back to this December day as usual school let out early for vacation so we had a day of doing whatever we wanted to, no one stayed in their own class and we roamed through the school, everyone was excited for the freedom and the vacation comming up. Little did we know that the buses were going to run early, but they did and we didn't hear the bell. There was several others that wasn't going to make those buses either. We didn't even learn from the others that they were leaving. When we finally realized that the buses were running early we were stranded at school with no way home, first we laughed and then we were a little worried. There were 3 that lived my way (2 besides myself, Diane Gentry) and the other 2 girls parents worked and not at home to get a ride! I lived with my grand-parents and they had their own business so it was upto me to come to our rescue. I called home and my grand-father came to get us we had to ride in the back of his truck, but we didn't care we just wanted to get home. My grand-father laughed at us I was afraid that he would be mad but he had a tale to tell whenever someone came into the store. I don't know how the others got home but as for me, Carolyn Stone, and Helen Spring, we had a COOL ride in the back of a pick up truck. Now I can tell the story and laugh about it. My grand-father has been gone now for thirty years but he was and still is in my heart my knight in shining armor!!!