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The Day I Got Caught Skipping School
By: Michael Mitchell
I thought I had it perfectly planned. A friend of mine that I worked with after school at the Red Food Store (he went to Rossville) decided to skip school the next day because we wanted to go hunting.

In homeroom I got one of the girls (can't remember her name) to write a note for me saying that I had a dentist appointment. I went to the office, gave them my note, checked out and was on my way thinking everything had gone as planned.

It turns out that they thought I had been out of school all day and called my mom. When she told them that I had left for school that morning the office looked around and told her they were sorry that they called because they found the note stating that I had a dentist appointment. Needless to say, my mom told them she knew nothing about a dentist appointment and didn't write a note.

I was still feeling good from the couple of beers that I had but got back just in time for 6th period and went to the office to sign back in.

I was told that Mr. Clark wanted to see me in his office. I remember telling the office secretary to tell him "to hurry up because I didn't have all day".

After sitting in his office for a couple of minutes he came in and asked me where I had been all day. I didn't like the tone of his voice so I said "it's none of your d**n business". I'll never forget the look on his face! A few seconds went by and he told me to go home and not to come back until after my parents had come to talk to him.

I left knowing I was in BIG trouble and sure enough she was there practically standing at the door waiting for me when I walked in. I confessed to what I had done leaving out a couple of details that she didn't need to know about and was told to go to my room until my father got home.

When he got home I acted like I had to go to the bathroom so I could come out of my room and hear what they were saying. I heard him tell my mom that boys will be boys but that didn't excuse my behavior.

I almost lost my car and driving privileges over it but since I was working to pay for it and the insurance I decided they couldn't take it away from me.

My mom called and talked to Mr. Clark and I was back in school the next day.